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Type of CMS solutions

Online processing (called "frying" systems)
These systems apply templates on-demand. HTML may be generated when a user visits the page or pulled from a cache.
Most open source WCMSs have the capability to support add-ons, which provide extended capabilities including forums, blog, wiki, Web stores, photo galleries, contact management, etc. These are often called modules, nodes, widgets, add-ons, or extensions. Add-ons may be based on an open-source or paid license model.
Different WCMSs have significantly different feature sets and target audiences. Longtime WCMS research and evaluation firm Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch) identifies five different tiers of WCMS vendors and open source projects.[8]

Hybrid systems

Some systems combine the offline and online approaches. Some systems write out executable code (e.g., JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, or Perl pages) rather than just static HTML, so that the CMS itself does not need to be deployed on every Web server. Other hybrids operate in either an online or offline mode.


Why Choose Techzone for your CMS deployment
Years of experience have shown us that every organization has individual requirements to an effective content management system. Techzone delivers flexible and scalable content-driven applications tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We work with you to learn your business needs and offer the appropriate options, delivering a dependable solution according to your application requirements and budget.

Choosing the Right CMS – A Make or Break Decision


World is moving fast ,so our technology requirements, we at Techzone work with leading CMS technology from Microsoft, JAVA and Open source that deliver results and business benefits. Top 10 reason you must partner with Techzone for your CMS projects are.

1 Multi platform operation : Working with multiple platform of CMS include some leading open source CMS platform and almost more than 20 leading Microsoft .net based CMS solutions. We provide multi platform solutions from leading technology company, we can help you in implementation, licensing, training, migration and deployment of CMS solutions from sitecore, kentico, dontnetnuke, movable type, alfresco, liferay, sitefinity, IBM lotus web CMS, Opentext, coremedia WCM, telegint, and other CMS solutions. We also have our own CMS solutions based on .net technology over MVC pattern. This  multiplatform expertise help our client end to end support in management, migration and implementation. We can provide end to end multi platform solutions and easily migrate your data from one technology platform to another without a single day downtime.

2 Cost and deployment time: We are leader in deployment and migration of CMS solutions that bring a huge cost advantage for companies and on time scheduled delivery of projects. Due to huge depository of technology , resources and trained manpower , we can assure you a best prices and minimum deployment time frame for your seleted solution. We are working with client on  several contract basis, like license from outside and deployment by Techzone, or get end to end deployment and licensing from Techzone. Go as per your requirements and bring on board a partner for lifetime.

3 Knowledge base: Our more than 100 years on man hours experience in CMS deployment for leading corporate of India and also more than top 20 industry give us domain expertise and essential tools in hands. Our extensive knowledgebase is developed with wide range of partnership from leading players, our engineers are get regular update over the technology they are working on, include the more customization, plugin creation, template and design deployments, our knowledgebase help our clients with easy plugin and other required business solutions that bring CMS as essential part of your business and not just a lazy technology that avoided by more employee than accepted.

4 Creative works: we don’t deploy CMS as application, we work with CMS as a creative tools and provide extensive branding and skin creation and management for more visibility of brands over internet and social media integration to get benefit of today’s internet browsing tends.  Creativity is our forte , we develop and deploy more than 1000+ projects of several scale and our creative team is innovative enough know what best suite your branding and follow the guideline of brands include the regular and template creative design services.  We also work  with ad agency as part of their white level  partner and work on behalf of agency as backend partners. 

5   Custom solutions and extension: we developed ready to use extension and module for several CMS give us added value to our marketing and branding solutions for the marketing of tools. Essential extension like integration of CMS with ecommerce platform, CMS integration with HR software and Learning management system (LMS) give reduced duplication of your application and content.  Our CMS extension and plugin.

6 Easy migrations: We provide complete solution include migration of current existing content over new application of CMS without a single minute downtime.

7 Maintenance and Delivery: We provide delivery of solution as per requirements of clients include the deployment of application onsite or offshore. We also provide complete maintenance service for the entire lifecycle of the application and a minimum 5 year support assurance for any application we deploy to reduce the overall cost of deployment and higher ROI from peer.

8 Best practice and Benchmarking : we are independent CMS implementation company and work with industry best practice and benchmarking for price, feature, hardware and resource allocation, deployment time and maintenance cost. We are not just use the available resource with face change we work with all solutions that give long terms commitment and upgrade for services and solutions without any higher upgrades cost.

9 Service assurances: We provide complete service assurance for the deployment of CMS solutions and needless to say that our CMS service assurance is easy way to protect your investment over long terms. Zero downtime formula is one of the assurance from our service assurance package that bring more protected investment and easy migration from one service providers to another.

10 SAAS : Our CMS solutions is mostly deployed over cloud computing platform and give you zero capital investment for the hardware and hosting infrastructure.
Effective knowledge and information sharing is vital to any organization. Content management solutions are intended to help businesses manage and distribute information faster and more efficiently.


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