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CMS is one of the essential tools for enterprises, by using latest CMS solutions you can streamline your entire content lifecycle and also the essential branding with you.  Any website with CMS can get more search ranking and huge content base for different type of targeted consumer. By using CMS you can utilize your knowledge base and products information that get displayed in targeted way for consumers.
Our team can assist you in deployment of your latest CMS and configure and manage it as per your need of enterprise.
Our CMS deployment team will work end to end with all types of web CMS and enterprises CMS and create essential solutions with creative and artworks for your CMS solutions.
We help you design the entire solutions, migrate existing data from any of the system, integrate the work flow and approval method, create branch and department based intranet and internet connected content distribution channel, integrate your Ecommerce solutions with CMS, integrate your CMS with LMS and HR team software.
Idea behind the deployment of CMS can go beyond the mere website maintenance and management of content over website. It can be used with all types of enterprises solutions and help you reduce the cost of communication with your consumer, partner and team all together. You can deploy the CMS with latest Catalogue management system and product management system that integrate your entire content of products, services, training and promotion over single system and give you best in class solutions that bring higher return from your IT investment.
We can also create new idea and solution over the base CMS from open source or Microsoft based platform.
Our CMS solutions are working in sync with new open source technology and Microsoft .net technology platform. Either a simple CMS solutions to manage your website or an enterprise level CMS for manage entire business content over single platform.
Cost of CMS solution starting from USD: 1400 onwards

Why CMS from Techzone:
World is moving fast ,so our technology requirements, we at Techzone work with leading CMS technology from Microsoft, JAVA and Open source that deliver results and business benefits. Top 10 reason you must partner with Techzone for your CMS projects are.
1 Multi platform operation :
Working with multiple platform of CMS include some leading open source CMS platform and almost more than 20 leading Microsoft .net based CMS solutions.
2 Cost and deployment time: We are leader in deployment and migration of CMS solutions that bring a huge cost advantage for companies and on time scheduled delivery of projects.
3 Knowledge base: Our more than 100 years on man hours experience in CMS deployment for leading corporate of India and also more than top 20 industry give us domain expertise and essential tools in hands.
4 Creative works: we don’t deploy CMS as application, we work with CMS as a creative tools and provide extensive branding and skin creation and management for more visibility of brands over internet and social media integration to get benefit of today’s internet browsing tends.
5   Custom solutions and extension: we developed ready to use extension and module for several CMS give us added value to our marketing and branding solutions for the marketing of tools. Essential extension like integration of CMS with ecommerce platform, CMS integration with HR software and Learning management system (LMS) give reduced duplication of your application and content.
6 Easy migrations: We provide complete solution include migration of current existing content over new application of CMS without a single minute downtime.
7 Maintenance and Delivery: We provide delivery of solution as per requirements of clients include the deployment of application onsite or offshore. We also provide complete maintenance service for the entire lifecycle of the application and a minimum 5 year support assurance for any application we deploy to reduce the overall cost of deployment and higher ROI from peer.
8 Best practice and Benchmarking :
we are independent CMS implementation company and work with industry best practice and benchmarking for price, feature, hardware and resource allocation, deployment time and maintenance cost. We are not just use the available resource with face change we work with all solutions that give long terms commitment and upgrade for services and solutions without any higher upgrades cost.
9 Service assurances: We provide complete service assurance for the deployment of CMS solutions and needless to say that our CMS service assurance is easy way to protect your investment over long terms. Zero downtime formula is one of the assurance from our service assurance package that bring more protected investment and easy migration from one service providers to another.
10 SAAS : Our CMS solutions is mostly deployed over cloud computing platform and give you zero capital investment for the hardware and hosting infrastructure.

Effective knowledge and information sharing is vital to any organization. Content management solutions are intended to help businesses manage and distribute information faster and more efficiently.

Whether it is a corporate website to communicate with your clients and general public, an intranet knowledgebase system for employees or a multi-level extranet for your partners, Techzone will provide you with a robust and easy-to-use solution to communicate over the Web. Understanding clients’ processes and taking into consideration their immediate and future needs we provide the "right-scale" solutions for:


Content Management Solutions some key functions

  • Web Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Media and Digital Asset Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Collaboration

Depending on your requirements we integrate a set of modules that provide a new level of information control and help you manage your data effectively.

Content-driven Applications Features
  • Integrated Editing Tools
    Powerful authoring tools to create, edit and publish web content, including an easy "Edit this page" interface and WYSIWYG editing.
  • Non-technical Content Creation and Publishing
    Authors require no programming skills or technical knowledge.
  • Multi-user Editing
    Simultaneous users with different editing rights and password protected access.
  • Content Re-use
    Single-sourcing option enabling to use the same content in different contexts or for different user groups.
  • File and Image Manager
    Manage images, files, PDF Documents, Video and Audio.
  • Version Control
    Strict version control ensuring that clashing changes are prevented.
  • Archiving and Document Lifecycle
    Automatic and manual content archiving to reserve and protect information.
  • Built-in Security
    Security and access rights for different types of user: content approvals and go-live authorization.
Years of experience have shown us that every organization has individual requirements to an effective content management system. Techzone delivers flexible and scalable content-driven applications tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We work with you to learn your business needs and offer the appropriate options, delivering a dependable solution according to your application requirements and budget.

Choosing the Right CMS – A Make or Break Decision

Choosing CMS
Choosing a CMS (Content Management System) is one of the most important decisions that you will make regarding your businesses future. Here are some simple tips, tricks, and tactics that can ensure that you choose the right CMS for your needs.

When running a business website, it is often critical to update content on a weekly or even daily basis. Before content management systems or CMS's, site owners would have to manually update the HTML code or use a program like MS Frontpage to update and add content to their website. Fortunately, technology has become much more advanced since then.

Today, utilizing an effective CMS has become more important than ever. It allows business and webmasters to update content instantly and with no technical experience. Oftentimes, publishers will write an article or page of content, choose a section of the website that it belongs to, and then publish it. With a CMS, you cannot only quickly publish content, but also alter the overall theme or layout of your website instantly. All of the styling can be taken care of through the CMS.

Choosing the right content management system is a task that cannot be taken lightly. Making a poor decision can lead to a loss of time and money. The CMS will manage your content and design and should made adding, updating, and changing the website simple as easy.

At this point, it is important to understand that there isn't one CMS that is better than the rest. Different CMS's are designed to meet different needs. In order to decide which CMS is best for you, there are several do's and don't that need to be kept in mind. There are also certain steps that should be taken in order to ensure that you are making the correct choice.



Understand That You Have Options

There are a ton of options available to you. They all have different features and functionalities. Once you truly understand that you have options, you can make a better choice. Never force yourself into using a particular CMS if it doesn't fit your needs, just move to a different one.

Try It Out

Would you buy a house before you walked through it? I hope not. The same is true for choosing a CMS. Try using the CMS yourself. It is preferable not to use the demo that is already set up because it has already been set up and will obviously work. While these demos may give a general idea of what the CMS is like, it will not allow you to alter the installation. Load the installation onto your own server and see how it handles. It will give you a much better idea than simply using the preconfigured demo.

Pay Attention to User Interface

Not only should your CMS effective manage your website, but it must also be simple to use by anyone visiting your website. Understanding the nuts and bolt of the CMS is important, but nowhere near as important as being able to create a great user experience.



Rely On Obviously Biased Information

It is important to understand that not all information is with bias (gasp). If you are in a forum that has an obvious leaning, then it may not be the best place to gather information. The same is true when looking at websites or blogs of other developers. They often have a favorite CMS and will always tell you that it is the best one to fit your needs.

$ = Better

Just because a CMS is expensive, doesn't mean that it is better than a cheaper options, or even an open source option. If I would offer you a pretty car without an engine for a million dollars, is it automatically better than a car that runs? Obviously not, it doesn't have an engine. You should never use price as an indicator of how well a CMS will fit your needs.

Use the "Pretty" Standard

Just because a website using a particular CMS looks good, doesn't mean that the CMS is right for you. Regardless of what CMS you choose, a designer can easily make a theme for your CMS that is "pretty", normally for a minimal price. Aesthetics are nice to look at, but don't give you any idea about how the CMS actually handles. Refer to "pretty car with no engine" example.

Forget About Customer Service/Support

Many people get so bogged down on features that they forget to look at what kind of customer service and support that they will receive. Without proper support, implementing a new CMS can be an uphill battle. Even a simple forum may have all of the answers you will ever need, but does that forum exist?

Now that you understand some of the basic things to do as well as what not to do, here are the basic steps that should be taken before making your final decision.


Defining Your Needs

It is impossible to choose the right CMS to fit your needs, if you don't know what your needs are. If possible, it is best to do this before you have even begun looking at possible CMS options. Many people get hung up on the features that the CMS has. The problem with this is simple. Many people will see a feature that, in reality, will never use, but when they see it, they want it. By looking at feature first, people will tend to create needs that are not really there because they like a feature. Make sure that you look not only at specific needs, but broader needs as well. Here is a quick example what I mean:

Narrow Needs

  • Social Media Integration – What social media do you use or plan on using and will the CMS support it? Do you need to be able to have: comments, tagging, blogs, forums, user generated content?
  • Editorial Features – Do you want your CMS to have a spell-checker? How do want to add video or pictures?
  • Multilingual Support – Do you need support for multiple languages? Do you need your CMS localized?
  • Cost – What is your budget for not only purchasing the CMS, but modifying it to fit your needs both stylistically and functionally.

Broad Needs

  • IT Architecture – Does the CMS easily fit into your existing IT architecture? It is surprising how often someone chooses a specific CMS, only to discover that it does not easily fit into their existing IT architecture.
  • Usability – All told, how easy is it to use. A major reason for using a CMS in the first place is to streamline your efforts and make building and updating your website simple. Even if a CMS has everything you need and more, if it does not make your life easier, it isn't your best option.
  • Evolution – While it is never a good idea to look too far into the future when considering which CMS is best for you, it is important to take a peek. Does the CMS continue to evolve and improve? When a new version comes out, can you easily upgrade your existing version or will it take a lot of time, effort, and money? Are version upgrades free or at least nominally priced?

It is very likely that you will not be able determine some of any of your needs. Don't hesitate to consult with someone in your IT department, marketing department, or sales department to help you in defining what your CMS will need.

Once you have defined all of your needs, make sure to do your research.


Making Your Decision

Once you have done your research, it is time to make your decision. People do this in many different ways. Some make a decision matrix and use it as a measuring tool, while others choose their top two or three and then leave it up to vendors to help convince them which decision is the right one. Other will let their IT department and marketing department guide their decision. As long as the CMS fits all of your needs, it will be the right decision.

If you know what to do and what not to do going into this process, have well defined needs, and have done your homework, you will be able to make an effective decision.

CMS evolve from a basic page management system to complete integrated web 2.0 platform with ready social media and blog interaction.
Role of open source CMS in current world of information is recognized by everyone and we know out of 10 website 3-4 would be developed from an open source CMS platform.
As a web design company we try hard to find which one is perfect CMS and what is best for our clients. Open Source has led to the establishment of huge, user-powered development communities that are dynamically changing and constantly upgrading, offering free software, themes, and modules for building professional web sites. The ubiquity of the shared hosting LAMP – Cpanel – Fantastico set up has popularized the CMS far beyond even the developer/design community.
Open source providing a great base for social networking, including blogs, forums, wikis, image galleries, comment logs, ecommerce, voting, bookmarking, tags, and innumerable other extensions along with traditional web publishing methods, the CMS is the preferred platform for most web designers building sites today.
We hereby present top 10 CMS platform from open source, the ranking is just for illustration purpose and it is not give any guidance about the performance in the same order. For more performance related issue and apple to apple comparison, please click here to see CMS compare tools.  Althow the list is just include PHP and JAVA platform CMS , we feel that market of .net based open source CMS is also come of  age and some good CMS is competing with stable PHP platform like dotnetnuke, N2Open,  sitecore.
We hereby present top 10 Open source CMS and top 10 Overall Web CMS.


Wordpress CMSWordPress content management system applies fascinating adventures in user interface and combines those with work standards based on aesthetics, web standards and usability. WordPress blogging software breaks down the art of blogging and content management in three steps. The first step is to find a web host, the second step is to download and install WordPress with the five minute installation process provided on the site, and the third step is to consult the documentation provided by the WordPress site and become an expert with a crazy trendy blog. Wordpress is BEST for personal blogs and mini websites.


Interspire Website PublisherInterspire Content Management System was designed as web software inspired by the average web site user. This means you! Interspire offers many different products and services. Some of the products offered by Interspire are the email marketer agency edition, email marketer, shopping cart, website publisher and knowledge master. The website publisher enables the user to publish flexible websites quickly and with an ideal content manager. The shopping cart software is search engine optimized and user friendly function and the email marketer is a complete email marketer complete with autoresponder software. Interspire CMS is BEST for small business to large Enterprise level websites.

Expression Engine

Expression Engine CMSExpression Engine content management system is the most flexible web publishing system you will find on the internet today. The Expression Engine support is exemplary and there is also a professional user base. Many companies have taken advantage of the Expression Engine system. If you are looking more than a blog or if you are looking for a highly dynamic enterprise content management system, ExpressionEngine is the right choice for you. Manage everything on your website including the network, multiple site managers, membership, blogs, community forums, knowledge base, wiki, contact forms, multiple websites, etc through one control panel. There is no job that Expression Engine cannot take on and no task Expression Engine cannot manage. Expression Engine is BEST for small business to large Enterprise level websites. In fact, it is so flexible that you can use it for almost any kind of website!


Joomla CMSJoomla content management system makes creating and maintaining web sites/blogs easy and functional whether you are a beginner or an advanced IT professional setting up enterprise installations. If you are considering Joomla for your next website, your website will be incredibly user friendly and easy to setup. It is easy to add plugins, widgets, etc. Joomla will keep track of every piece of content on your website like the public library keeps track of books and stores. Joomla is used around the world for government applications, personal and family homepages, community-based portals and small business web sites just to name a few. I surveyed a few people in a forum and found that a lot of users find it difficult dealing with the admin interface and the plugins.


Drupal CMSDrupal content management system is one of the most recommended CMS. Constant contributions from programmers and community members is one good reason for its popularity. Drupal is an open source content management system that has a plethora of powerful blend of features and supports many different web sites ranging from personal blogs to large community web sites. Features of Drupal are the collaborative book, friendly URLs, modules, online help, personalization, role based permission system and user authentication just to name a few. Drupal manages the content of your web site through utilizing polls, templates, threaded comments and version control. A little easy to use when compared to Joomla and almost as good as Joomla.


Interwoven CMSA licensed content management system provider with on-premise solutions, Interwoven Optimost can be both hosted and on-demand. Ideal for larger companies and global enterprises, Interwoven has an extremely strong market presence as Interwoven solutions power over 15,000 web sites around the world. The Interwoven applications are conducive to easy, efficient and functional integration. A few of the Interwoven software solutions are Interwoven TeamSite, Interwoven LiveSite, Interwoven Targeting, Interwoven Optimost, Interwoven Meta Tagger and Interwoven Open Deploy. The company focuses on global enterprises, professional services firms and legal firms as well as accounting firms, management consultancies and the global capitol markets. Autonomy offers a pretty cost effective CMS for small to medium sized business websites.


Ektron Enterprise CMS“What do you want your web site to do?” the popular Ektron CMS slogan. Ektron CMS is actually well known as the best enterprise content management system. The Ektron CM400.NET provides users with a platform with all the functionality needed to create, manage and deploy a web site or blog. The software also empowers developers and non-technical business persons. Developers can utilize Ektron’s built-in server controls using a well-documented API and business users can benefit from the intuitive user interface offered by Ektron content management system. A good enterprise level content management system.


Pligg CMSPligg content management system is an open source CMS which users can download and use at no charge. Pligg also provides social networking software that will encourage visitors to register on your web site so they can submit content and then connect with other users. Pligg content management system software creates amazing web sites like and Pligg can help you start your social networking community in just a few minutes. Based on open source PHP and MySQL technologies, Pligg can be installed on any web hosting server on a small budget, Pligg also provides free customer support around the clock.


BlueModus CMSWith Blue Modus content management systems you will not only receive expert information, expert technology, expert solutions and support for your business, but also, you will be provided with Blue Modus innovative solutions to your every internet marketing query. Founded in 2001, Blue Modus is an all-inclusive IT company with a legacy of building secure and reliable solutions for your business or personal IT needs. As a content management system Blue Modus will design, integrate and create customer software applications specifically for your business or personal websites.


Sitecore CMSWith 1600+ satisfied customers and over 20,000 successful web sites, Sitecore is among the leaders in web site content management systems. The average Sitecore customer receives 109% return on investment with three years of implementing Sitecore software and bringing Sitecore content management services into their internet marketing campaign strategies. Sitecore is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and former Microsoft Partner of the Year. Apart from these two honors, Sitecore also has numerous other Microsoft certifications and awards.