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Digital Speaks Data

Digital marketing is performance based marketing, it gives you clear approach where and what need to be done and what you can expect from the marketing efforts. Everything from your investment plan to the output can be measured and approach with scientific way to understand where and what is our target. As per one estimate in India alone more than 90% people search for property over internet first and then start talking to the local real estate agency. This means huge for a market like India. The Mobile Internet give huge additional marketing opportunity for digital and keep expanding the reach that help business in lead generation, Branding and target based advertisements for your new products or existing brands.

Search Engine Optimization

Techzone offers full SEO services for real estate portal, Real estate agency website, Developers website. Our SEO services encompass technical SEO, SEO Audit, Local SEO Services and global SEO services. Techzone Digital marketing team is having more than 500 Projects Execution experience that help to get in best class result for long terms.


Search Engine Marketing

Search engine generate highest traffic and ignoring the search engine marketing within your digital marketing strategy means lot off customer you are losing. Techzone search Engine marketing or SEM services help you to optimize your campaign to get maximum result on your investment. Our SEM services for several industry and domain available in multiple countries and culture pattern. SEO services is part of our digital marketing services and it can be combined with any other services as well


Social Media Managements

Social branding and consumer engagement is more dynamic with introduction of the Mobile based social media engagement tools. Your brand needs more attention and higher commitment towards the social media to make your digital strategy perfect. Techzone provide managed services and consultancy in creation of social media content, social engagement policy, social media marketing on several platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrerst, Snapchat and many other new age social media and messaging platform.


Content Marketing

New wave of content engagement for brand is play new role in the success of the several business that need rich content to get engage with target consumer base. A content strategy towards all the gamut of the digital marketing, your web strategy and mobile strategy bring higher value from the content and more engaging customer and business users. Video content placement, Podcast strategy, White paper, Press release services and many other types of content exclusive to the brands or consumer general content within the engagement lifecycle play very effective role to communicate brand message in story telling mode. Techzone help brands and business with content strategy that brings higher traffic, more lead and more brand awareness for all platforms.


Email Marketing

Email is not new for anyone; However the interaction with email on multiple point make it more robust channel of communication and growth of email is testimonial of that. Spam is very big issue of email, however baring some of the loopholes and issue, email is one of the most successful and highest conversions if you play smartly. Techzone provide best in class email marketing services and strategy that include the list managements, data managements, reputation management for email and strategy of email sending and communications in several occasion. The automation of email sending, event driven email strategy and email automation is some of the services for corporate and business house. Know more about our email marketing strategy and services and join hand to get all top email strategy at single place.


Beautiful Design

UX and UI is not a buzz word for us, this is what our believes in design. Our awesome design patterns is alwsys inspired by nature and feather touch from local market to keep engage users for more time on site. The ideal design is always keep updated with latest industry trends and business objective of the portal for fast download and easy fit in user minds. when we start customization our design for portal we keep in mind the speed, look and feel, easy navigation, highest use of real estate and more important the full compatibility with any and all types of screen and devices.


Property Listing

property listing and display with everthing included from advance search to tag, yet light and easy to use is the first principle of proplerty listing module at techzone. we gives all available option for listing and display along with posting of property from national MLS, Private CRM, XML Feed, Excel Imports, Manual entry, Moderated Entry and More. the listing can be on list view, grid view, map view for all types of properties for sale, rent, PG, land, Open House to name a few.


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