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Beautiful Design

UX and UI is not a buzz word for us, this is what our believes in design. Our awesome design patterns is alwsys inspired by nature and feather touch from local market to keep engage users for more time on site. The ideal design is always keep updated with latest industry trends and business objective of the portal for fast download and easy fit in user minds. when we start customization our design for portal we keep in mind the speed, look and feel, easy navigation, highest use of real estate and more important the full compatibility with any and all types of screen and devices.


Property Listing

property listing and display with everthing included from advance search to tag, yet light and easy to use is the first principle of proplerty listing module at techzone. we gives all available option for listing and display along with posting of property from national MLS, Private CRM, XML Feed, Excel Imports, Manual entry, Moderated Entry and More. the listing can be on list view, grid view, map view for all types of properties for sale, rent, PG, land, Open House to name a few.


Agency and Agents Module

Our Agency and Agents module is feature righ offering for portal and business where agent is playing primary role. you can get highest number of agency branding options and multiple packaging for higher revenue from angecy and agents. the system is comprehensive and provide easy to use control panel to self management of agency accounts with 100% automation of business.


Project Module

New development marketing is unique in nature and very useful if executed properly. we Provide full scale Microsite based new development marketing with long terms branding and business lead opportunity. Portal can use the new development module to get onboard local and global developers for users so they will get fresh and upcoming properties and investment opportunity.



Our Unique solution bring you complete localization, no matter if you want to launch your portal in single local language or multiple, we can provides you the option to launch in different langauge with complete localiztion of currency, measurement units, colour scheme, RTL or LTR supports, Keyboard support, Local CRM Integration and everything that you need to manage your portal in local language. the resource based system help you to manage all aspect of translation and locatization with your translation partner or your team in that country. We lanuche in French, English, German, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Spanish and more are addded as and when required.



Get more time for sale, Branding and other activity to make your portal a success story, we take care everything for you. our unque administration system and module help you to control all aspect of busines and the system is design for team. so no matter if you are runingn your portal with two member team of 2000 , we will gives you handfull tools to bring everything online easy and fast with all decision making data just a click away anywhere anytime. apart from standard administration system you can also opt for admin tool app for portal to get your management mobile friendly.



"Marketing Takes day to learn, Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master"

complete marketing module for portal with subscription, package, emailers, integrated SEO, Google analytics, Search console and user heatmap tool integrated. the marketing module is all about making your portal success with right content to user, search engine and business tools for your clients. get to know more about marketing and other related module and ask for demo to our team to learn more on how you will use these for your business benefits.


Mobile Ready

Mobile is not a choice, its necessity for everyone. Our solution is full ready for mobile. You can go for all types of mobile solution from hybrid mobile app to native mobile app and custom solution. the mobile responsive design is by default for all our templates and you not need to worry about how it look over any new and latest mobile with our ongoing updates for mobile friendliness.


Custom Services

Real estate solution is from Techzone is not everyone fit style, it’s a platform that can be customize to your requirements, we provide certain customization free of cost with each delivery, however further customization or additional module inclusion can cost you extra, you can take those with our team when making final decision, be it the new module, Map integration, 3D rendering integration, ecommerce or anything in your mind, we will happy and provides you best suitable solution for it.


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