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Techzone Real estate agency module is robust tool for bradding and business automation for agency with portal. It brings higher renewal and profitability for portal and good data for agency and agents.

Agents and Agency Listing

A full customize agency listing module with multiple agents profiling and personal profiling for agents along with rating and activity. it help the agency to make more user friendly interaction with clients and portal get higher number of leads and return business from agency. The international agency module is an additional module with multiple types of CRM Integration and MLS integration. The agency listing page also come with custom filter and search location wise, name and several other attributes. The result can also be managed with package and types of subscription with agency, a higher visibility with premium package and standard listing for free and basic accounts.

Agency and Agents Rating

Today's connected world is all about the highest service quality and more clients prefer to go with service providers for big ticket real estate tractions with agents with higher average rating in media. Benefit from the ever useful tools for portal to give your portal an authentic value and higher client retention. All the agents listing rated by consumer for the performance on several parameters like number of properties, how they respond, what they think of , how they work, the knowledge of the agent for locality and overall performance.

Agents Dashboard

Agency Dashboard is ultimate tool to manage property, lead, agent’s contacts, rich graphic based data driven decision making tools with regular reporting engine integrated for agency. The agency dashboard is self-management tool for agency with 1 to 300 of agents on board. a new age dashboard with comprehensive data view, graphic representation of performance and other vital reporting at one location, the agent dashboard help the agents to understand the overall performance of the properties on your portal, this will also help you in the long terms as your portal provide more visibility and result to the system hence make strong relationship bonding with your agents and agency. Apart from the listing you can manage password, profile, package and contact information within your control panel.

Agency Microsite

The complete agency microsite with multiple template design and own domain hosting is optional function for the agency microsite. It help the small and large agency to get all data of agency at one place over crowded portal and give them opportunity to share and give an edge of content branding with lot of engagements tools and several activity that help them make agency branding and direct access without much of search over portal. The complete content managements help agency to check if there is new stuff show or not and change content, profile etc using the dashboard for microsite.

Package and Subscription

Techzone offers comprehensive revenue module for the portal that include the agency package, as real estate portal model is having very strong revenue from package sales to agency and new developers. We providers package managements and renewal system with automation, payment gateway integration, new kinds of package and advertisements design that help the agency and portal all together with fixe revenue model and regular system to get expand the offers to everyone. By using this module agents can come on board and get manage the current subscription and downgrade and upgrade any time, you can also track the additional billing with agents, lifetime purchase and send them special offers as per the current buying style.

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