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Elearning services

For end to end management and deployment of LMS solution in your business you can rely on Techzone

Some of the selected services you can avail from Techzone are

  • Deployment of LMS solution
  • LMS solution maintenance services
  • Content creation and managements
  • Customer and user account management
  • Help desk and IT support services
  • Migration services - include content, user base and other work process
  • Integration services between LMS and your Enterprise Applications
  • UI customization and mobile learning services
  • E-commerce solution for Elearning systems


Custom Courseware

Depending on specific needs of a training process, we supply our solutions with a comprehensive set of options for effective content delivery and management:

  • Ready-to-deploy custom templates that ease online learning content building and migration
  • Facilities for integration of any type of existing training material created with the help of Flash, MS Office, Adobe products and other tools
  • Support for various information presentation methods, including text and media illustration, animation, simulation, audio and video
  • User-friendly time-saving content management options
  • Advanced scheduling features for better course planning, content delivery and changing

Assessment engine - a complete testing tool and automated assessment tools for your employee

Techzone assessment engine is smart enough and give you edge to take business decision and also help you out to device new innovative and strategic decision about the performance of the employee and reward them for there outperforming and penalize them for under performance. drive your business with performance and improve bottom line. 
Techzone assessment engine include the following options as primary feature :

  • Customized test bank organizer that facilitates tests creation and structuring
  • Advanced options for questions randomization
  • Instant feedback options for organizers and participants interactions
  • Adaptive scoring subsystem based on question grouping and test structure
  • Database storage of students' information and testing results
  • our testing application include online testing for job opening,
  • class room test services, vendor assessment testing
  • testing of skill for managerial staff and management trainee


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Help desk

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