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Real estate APP for consumer

Techzone provide best in class consumer app for real estate business. We provide full native development for IOS, android and windows and help companies to get highest traffic lead and installation base. The Multi Language approach helps us in the management of app for any language for the customer. The key features can be like Property listing, Property detail, gallery and video view, direct call to agent, leads by email, Post property on go, New listing notification, Push Notification Management, Geo location and Nearby Search Options. AI based App for real estate with nearby property for rent and sale.

Apart from standard delivery we provide lot of custom app development services that help you in bring out the innovation within your target consumer segments. The real estate APP for general consumer developed with maximum Device support and tested for crash and performance so that fast delivery of app didn’t give you any bump in ride.

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Rental Managements APP

Rental management app is best pal for your rental activity management. Techzone wide service and support for rental management business help to get best in class rental management app in business. The APP is provide best in class rental management for the business with lot of automated activity that help bring more productivity, on time collection and less disputes for the rental redressal. The rental management app can be brought along with Rental Portal solution or the same is also available as separate app for Rental Management Company.

It help you in sending reminder for payments, notification for payment receipt, service and maintenance call managements, management of the activity history and many more. A multiple version of app with access rights for on field staff, Owners, Tenants and Property management company for easy to manage and operate the rental business. The rental management APP is available on IOS and Android and also available for Ipad and Tab version on IOS and android respectively.

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Real Estate agency app for Portal

Real Estate agency app for portal is b2B app that help to manage all the activity of agency from the app. Since agency team and agents are always on field so using this app, agent can directly upload the property from customer site, get lead information on the go. Get more updated information about the available listing and sold out listings. The geo tracking within the app help the real estate agency management to know if the agent visit the site of client on time or not. There is several innovative and easy to use tool within the app that help more in closing the deals. The direct call to agent from the web app or real estate consumer app with listing ID help them to know about the customer. So when client call for the property by click on the website or app it will come with additional data that show this is call from a new lead for property id xxx. This help more to agent in closing the lead.

Along with the standard features we provide so many custom development within the app that help the portal operator and real estate agency business in mutual way. The app can be available to paid subscriber of free subscriber as per the portal package and subscription options.

The APP is available on both IOS and android and provide higher speed data management due to robust testing and coding within the app. The APP is also having a feature to go wifi when detect wifi connection nearby so that the mobile data cost can be get saved.

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Real estate branding APP for Developers

The branding app of real estate exclusively designed for the real estate portal to increase engagement, visibility and performance of a new development listing in a mature and storytelling mode. It helps in maximizing the branding for new development projects. The targeted consumer base for this app is real estate developer community and real estate investors. The app gives special kinds of feature like investment analysis for the investment and also the project return on the new projects.

The APP help the new development company to get higher number of lead and more branding with exclusive content, high quality video and activity engagement for the owner of the Properties within the project and also the prospective customers. The APP is having built in Augmented realty concept to get more and more about what is available nearby and when anything new get added in the nearby area, it update the owners of the property within the community. There is lot of engagement tool are under planning for this app and it will help the business to get more engagement by simple yet productive method of communication.

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Custom APP for real estate Business

Our team helps you in custom app development for real estate and any other industry of your choice.

We provide innovation based approach by making a certain study that gives you valid reason to know if the app is having higher success, where the app will compete in market and what new you need to introduce so that the app is keep fresh for long terms

Our app engagement program is focused for the development, Installation and retention of the app, by using advance analytics tool for app, we are able to help you in knowing if the app is performing as per your target. the testing of app for any crashes, new feature introduction to your existing app are some of the services we provide.

You can talk to us for further discussion on what best we can do for your Mobile app business and if our team really able to work with you as your extension partner for next development or any ongoing service requirements within the IOS, android and windows domains.

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We provide unique UI Experience for each app that is simple to navigae yet powerfull enough to keep your Targeted consumer engage for long terms

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