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CRM for Next Gen- Real Estate Business Managements

Techzone proud to offer an innovation in CRM of real estate business, the solution is so simple to use and manage. The best of the real estate CRM solution is to save your time on training and huge cost on any kinds of customization

Techzone real estate CRM come with all the required features and always keep updating for the latest in the market, the solution is compatible with several country real estate compliance and give you quick access of our country specific features of marketing, regulation, tax structure etc on fly.

You can also manage your multi country Real estate brokerage business and integrated Website for automation of your marketing. techzone real estate CRM is also full compatible with leading portal and MLS for quick Data Sharing, you can use our CRM to share your Data on any of the portal and make your listing live on quickest manner.

Listing Managements

Complete Property Management for all you're listing from Builders, Owners and Sub brokers. Lots of Filter and Setting to make your property visible and direct catalog creation from the system. Agent wise listing contact managements and other information.

Our listing validation feature help you to validate the data by the moderation team or Managers before available on marketing channel for sales. Listing source managements, unlimited image and gallery upload, video upload, other related documents upload for the listing of properties. Mass upload and bulk upload from the excel and CSV file provide more easy upgrade and migration.

We also provide custom migration support from any existing system to our latest next gen CRM free of Cost. All listing is get categories by Type, Transaction type, Possession Status, Residential, commercial, Industrial and Hotels properties. All kinds of new project sales and existing properties listing can be managed at one place.

Lead Managements

Simple yet powerful lead management system to get best result from all your lead, the system is designed for the perfection in your sales process and gives you reason to smile. Techzone lead management system is quick and easy to use and always brings all lead process at one stop. You can manage lead, schedule follow ups, send email and sms to clients for notification, quick pdf proposal creation, notification for open house.

Mobile access for on the go lead status update and more sales per lead. The lead system is configured in a manner to know which more of business advertisements and lead generation create more revenue, which portal gives you more junk lead, which location come with highest lead, which property types brings more lead and like that. Invoice generation

Contacts Managements

When business means communication, our contact management system of CRM for real estate will gives you more value than any other mode of contact management system, make your data available to the target group with all the latest update at one place, our contact managements system help you keep all your contact information at one place with several search and facility that secure your data from un-authorised access. The contact information of the clients, lead, properties and general can be saved along with all historical transaction of that contact for more precise communication and business deal.

A complete reminder and greet module in contact help you to greet automatically to the contact on several occasion like birthday, anniversary, or other regional and religious events. Keep sync your contact with Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook and Other social media with our integrated tool for communication.

Transaction Systems

The transaction module is a de-facto business management tool for your complete business, you can record all your expanses, revenue and see the profitability, commission and upcoming payment for the months and years, you can use this module to make your business decision about the investment and available fund. Also this module used for tax managements on some of the country, as per your selected country version. This will help you to manage all the transaction at one place with expanse management, invoice generations, commissions visibility.

Localization and Administration

Localization and Administration Real estate CRM solution from Techzone is a complete real estate software platform with local flavor, you can choose your country and then we will gives you your CRM ready for your country with all the related setting like currency, Local language, Regulatory Compliance reporting, banking structure, Portal integration for your country, marketing stuff, Emailers templates for your country, setting of business structure. This will help you to start your CRM on the fly with all latest data in your hand.

Marketing Integration

"Marketing Takes day to learn, Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master"

Make your portal live and happening with several of the innovative marketing tools that come with Techzone real estate portal solutions. You can start instantly with marketing system and generate lead and marketing activities by bringing your data with us. Techzone real estate portal marketing tools help you to get more traffic and more business with easy to use free and paid tool combinations.

Data Management

Everyday you grow your business your data is growing, the security issue with data is also keep you engage in the mind. techzone real estate CRM for brokers bring you complete peace of mind for data. We provide very robust data managements, sharing and access module.

you can keep all your data at one place and as per the permission of your user and staff they can access the data, these can be all types of data like template for contract, rental contract templates, ID and address proof documents, Photo of your existing clients, properties floor plan or other data, data base of your vendor. the entire data module is having all the robust documents managements system and data access system, as per the permission one can access the data.

Reporting System

Robust reporting system with lots of ready to use reports from your CRM bring life to your data and you can know what is status of your business. some of the reports you can directly use are as below.

  • Listing Reports - All Property Listing
  • Meeting Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Employee Commission Reports
  • Earning Reports
  • TDS Reports
  • Tax Liability Reports
  • Property View Reports
  • marketing Performance Reports
  • Lead vs Sales Reports

apart from these standard reports we can also gives you several hundred of customize reports as per your business requirements.

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