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Techzone web design services is state of the art premium services for corporate and small business. you will get good design, functional website that help you bring more traffic and brand visibility at affordable prices. We at Techzone believes that web design service is an art and science, Techzone put artistic approach for design of pages, theme, website template, website business objective and website layout. Techzone work scientifically to create high quality html coding and dynamic website coding with easy functional and navigation to get access by all search engine and human all together. we bring life to your by putting more value and high relevant search keywords, optimise pages for quick and easy navigation by customers and other feature that reflect your brands value to customer.

view and scientific approach of web design services always give an edge to brands.

Our approach of web design is very clear that the web properties is not a one time investment , it is a regular approach of brands and extended channel for brand communication. to fulfil the overall brands expectation and demands we deliver website with dynamic content management system and easy forms and other interactive components attached so that , whenever customer come to visit your website that find it suitable , get relevant information and act accordingly for quick response. the all website design by Techzone id driving higher organic search result, more lead and bulk query from target audiences without much efforts by brand owners.

Techzone has a large pool of resources and the required business and technical expertise to develop websites of any complexity. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.


Key features of web design services

Great looking and cool web design services

When Techzone start working on your projects of website or branding site, we evaluate the importance of design and proper patterns of design that really help the web site to be different and get more eye ball share from your competition.

Depend upon your selection of package or web design package, we can built web site pages and them with professional design team of more than 10+ for single projects.

This will give you high quality creative output and also very fast works for your projects. The costing for the more involvements of design team will always in higher end, but you can get really cool and exceptional design idea.

Our design process goes with several stages to get approved by customers.

design process

The process is simple and similar to the art design works where we start with client brands introduction to our design and creative team, after the brief discussion about the brands and clients prospective, we start research over the competition in market for that selected business, go with some competitors website and end up with sketching of the home page theme.

Some key elements of our design can be
The perception of brands
The brands value
The primary colour of the brands
Target audience of the brands
Brands USP and primary selling points
Culture of the brands and Principle Company

When we understand the brand extensively we find the primary objective of the web site or web properties.
We can ask some of this question to our client before the starting of the projects to know more about the primary, short term and long terms goal of the web properties.

Primary Objective of the website or web properties


  • More branding with interactive media

  • More traffic to the website

  • More lead and sales conversion by using the brand site

  • High minds share of target audience for branding purpose

  • Ecommerce or direct sales using the web properties

  • Create a loyal consumer base for the brands with help of this primary website

  • Create more qualified lead and sales pipeline using these web properties

  • Creating high awareness using this web properties as primary information point

  • Create the web properties to find all feature, function and benefits of products to mass market

  • Make these web properties to give more presence of channel for information


We approach all web project as new challenge for us and work along with brands custodian to know more and more about the brands, its inception, its inspiration, its target customer, its value proposition, its competition and several hard question that marketers not love to answer. this we we create a strategic approach for the brands visibility and performance using the fastest growing communication channel called internet.

We prepare our team to work hard with projects and works with passion to deliver the required result in terms of design, theme, layouts, contents, functional features, search engine communication, call to action approach and so many other innovative techno commercial features that deliver more result for your website.

Delivery and engagements

We at Techzone work with companies and brands on several commercial format. we can work with you as exclusive agency of record for your entire digital media requirements, or we can start with you on project basis, we can also work on Per hours basis and resource sharing basis where we can put a dedicated resources for your development and help you guide to delivery best quality web solution for your company and brands.

these approach is flexible and can be used as hybrid also for some instance.

The primary objective of our web design services is to satisfy the need of brands by following the branding guidelines, targeted audience expectation and objective of the web properties.


Irrespective of the website’s functional complexity we aim at keeping interfaces simple and easy-to-use. We pay attention to various aspects to ensure positive user experience:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive navigational schemes
  • AJAX-powered interactivity
  • Task-oriented workflow
  • Accessibility standards


Comprehensive Functionality

Front-end Functionality
Functionality is what turns your website from a "shop display" into a powerful business tool. By delivering custom-built solutions Techzone is able to provide the functionality that would completely match your actual business requirements. Modular approach to development allows us to expand the existing or add new functionality easily and cost-effectively when your business requirements change. As a result, you will receive the best return on investment into current solution and decrease your expenditure on future system extension.

Back-office Administration
Depending on your requirements we can integrate different back-office management tools that will give you efficient control over various site operations. This may include nontechnical content creation and publishing, dynamic structure generation, document management (incl. images, PDF, video and audio files, etc), user management, access rights and permissions, business operations management (incl. clients, catalogues, payments, orders, etc.), site statistics module and others.


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