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Real estate portal solution. Techzone bring more than 10+ years of portal development experience on board. We are providing back end support and solution to top 50 portal of Indian market since 2001. Why techzone real estate portal solutions Techzone real estate portal development engine is tested over more than 100 portal that is get developed by its partners and white level customers. The solution is developed for the purpose to make property portal design and development easy and not required any kinds of technology knowledge for implementation partners. Since September 2012, techzone entered in direct marketing of real estate portal services and signed up with more than 20 customers since then. All portals are expected to be launched in market by the end of year 2013. Techzone real estate portal development services signed up by leading property finance companies and business house from India, Bahrain, UK, Singapore, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Dubai, South Africa and Malaysia. Customization Opportunity Techzone real estate portal development engine is robust technology platform developed over Microsoft .net 4.0 and having backend database server of sql. Our solution also support Oracle database and DB2 database server. The entire solution is developed for fully customization in mind and there is no limitation of customization and creation new function as per customer requirements. There is certain features are available as default features and other function can be designed and developed as per customer requirements. Real estate portal version and offering We offer 3 main system of real estate portal for Internet companies ( portal owners), Builders and agents. There is certain feature limits available with all these version that include some limitation of location and also functions. To know more about the services you can get in touch with us. Our sales and marketing team help you in selection of the package that best suits your business requirements.

Real Estate Industry is fast growing and having vast market, real estate transaction happen over internet and always provide opportunity to companies to get the best of both world. Real estate industry required portal solution that is capable to handle large data and having the capacity to work on best of technologies, the Real estate portal solution from Techzone is premium products of Techzone with robust functional algorithm along with intuitive design pattern and high volume data handling capacity. The real estate portal of Techzone help real estate companies, real estate portal companies, real estate agents and real estate developer to get one stop integrated marketing and communication tool for sale, purchase, display and rentout all types of commercial, residential, industrial plot, land, institutional land , re-sell of flat and commercial properties. Techzone Real estate practice help companies in design, developments, maintenance, implementation, marketing and operation of real estate portals. Our real estate portal is developed over Microsoft .net 4.0 platforms with Microsoft SQL server and oracle database as backend for easy deployments, managements and up gradations. The complete application is 100% customizable and requires no technical expertise to configure, manage and control the entire business of real estate portals. techzone real estate portal solution is developed with integrated marketing, CRM and Billing system that help to manage the business very easy and not required any additional software to make any kinds of business decision. the Real estate Portal engine of techzone is developed in more than 3 years of endless efforts and research of market, more than 90% of the required application is ready to deploy, only 10% custom requirement we can seen in the market. to get demo of the admin area and front end application you are a just a communication away, call us or email us at +919810023357, email and our executive will come to you in next 2 working days and help you start the fastest growing portal business of the globe. if you are looking for custom portal development with features and function that is fully custom and need dedicated resources to manage your existing portal you can get in touch with us.

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