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Open source Development SOlutions and leading software for business

Open source change the entire business strategy of software and commercial software, currently open source have more than 30% of enterprise business share and almost 50% of web business share.

Why open source is so popular and does open source really free of cost. these question are keep coming to us on regular basis, we would like to point the below some comprehensive detail of what is open source means to you and how much it will cost.

First of all open source is just a format of licensing of software with code for further enhancement and modification by users or business. it means that any software that come with a licensing of open source are not free nor the open soruce licensing assure you that the software is free. in fact the entire open source software are free for community and general uses and enterprises business have to sellout some cost for the same. for expample there is several CRM solutions , ERP solutions and email solutions are there, these solutions are of 3 format where communtiy edition is free of cost for use, however enterprises edition is paid one and you have to pay additional amount for the maintenance and services.

Moreever open source is loved by developers and business all together and this is testimonial of high quality software keep coming in market without much of the cost. by usign the software solutions you can save huge money and amount in the process.

Open source software is popular on almost all segment , however here we are puting some most used open source software type and top 10 contentders of that category for your reference. this way you can download free software and test it before enterprise wise deployment,

Country like India now sign the agreement of open source software community agreement and include open source software as government software for the application to run government business and public services.

Top 20 application most popular in the open source community of software are

  1. ERP system
  2. CRM Solution
  3. CMS solutions
  4. Ecommerce Solution
  5. Internet Browser system
  6. Email clients
  7. Top 10 Open Source based Web Portals
  8. FTP server
  9. Email marketing servers
  10. Business and office application
  11. Operating system
  12. Graphic Design Applications
  13. Developer Application
  14. Blog and wikkies
  15. Project management software
  16. Telecom EPABX software
  17. Education and  Learning Management systems
  18. System Administration
  19. Account and billing software
  20. Business Intelligence and analytics

Does open source make any business sense ?

Open source or LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) is a very popular and alternative to commercial open source application and software platform. Open source is one of the best platforms for companies who looking for alternate to commercial application at very reasonable prices. in fact all application and software are almost free of near to free available over open source technology.

the only challenge is to design, develop and maintain the application for long terms, as far as open source software quality is concern there is no doubt that application and software platform both get huge improvement from the early edge and now all open source technology is ready to match the commercial capability and some of them is competing with commercial solutions globally.

Techzone with more than 10 year of development and customization experience and more than 100 successful open source application and software development is your perfect partner for development. We understand about the technology and give you robust support and customization services that will deliver all your requirements.

Open source platform is an effective alternative to commercial software for building and running dynamic and high performance web systems. PHP has become one of the major players on the web development market in the last few years.
Does open source is real competitor of commercial solution or is that an effective alternative of commercial application. These types question is vital and sure come to your mind as well. To understand and know more about what capability open source software has and how it will impact the business globally, just read out some facts about the open source technology.

  1. Facebook – the largest social media platform with more than 600 Million active user , use OPEN source as the primary technology platform.
  2. SugarCRM : the small business CRM is open source commercial solution developed over open source technology and provide enterprise class CRM solutions to more than 10000+ large and small business globally
  3. Joomla : Joomla is one of the fastest growing and most popular CMS solutions is again open source and successfully working with more than 1 Million of website
  4. More than 5 Million application are available over open source platform as of now
  5. Leading research agency IDC say open source is viable option of commercial application.
  6. Android to Command Nearly Half of Worldwide Smartphone Operating System Market by Year-End 2012 is an open source application and operating system for mobile and smartphone.

There is so many life example of ERP, CRM, HRMS, Web portal, Business Application are running over open source platform.

What is Challenge:

The primary challenge of open source application success is lies with partner who customize, maintain and manage your open source application. If you are with reliable partner your open source application can work head to head like commercial application, however if you choose wrong partner or looking for open source deployment, customization and implementation in enterprise environment using the community and open resources, you are making a risky business decision that can lead to failure of your system and also loss of data, vital human resource and business to competition.
So we always recommend companies and enterprises to go with open source but with commercial deployment and implementation strategy. It will help you to achieve what you are looking for in long terms and short terms.

Talk to Techzone for your best implementation and deployment  of open source technology, if you are looking for maintenance , deployment, development, customization or training over several range of enterprise class open source application you can be part of Techzone and Techzone will help you and guide you to launch your open source application over the period of time similar to your commercial counterpart.

For more info and free request for quotation , write to us at  with detail of your project and budget.

  Start your Own Open source solution for your business - select any of the option below - techzone assit you to install, cosnfigure, deploy, impliment, customize and train your business to work with these open soruce application. apart from the new installation we also provide maintenance and hosting support for the open soure applications.
  • Open Source Ecommerce Solutions
  • open Source CRM Solutions - Vtiger Implimentations and support services
  • Open Source CRM Solutions - Sugar CRM Implimentations and support
  • Open Source CMS solutions and support
  • Open Source HRMS Solution and support
  • Open Source ZImbra email solutions
  • Open Source Support ticket Software management




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