Buying House

Buying house and international pucrchase house having very challanging job and time driven sytem, they need to interact with buyers and bring the business from them and then send it back to several hundred of suppliers with different types of working approach, lmitation of technology and communications and also understanding of consumer and products.

Buying house challanges is to manage the field staff, suppliers and other stake holders while fullfill the task assigned by the buyers for the order. the merchandiser, Quality staff, Finance staff, International Communication staff, Samplers, dyers and several other kinds of people interact and work together to full a single order.

this kind of huge data and communciation transction without a reliable software application  is lead to several hours of extra time spending in creation and managements of Po, order, suppliers order, payment details and other task.

techzone provide end to end help to buying house to manage the business and help them automate the entire process of business.

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