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Digital Marketing - mandatory and must have for successful media mix

Digital media since the inception grow very fast and keep the growth momentum for now.

Why digital media is so much growing , the ansers is within your question only. to understand what digital media means and how digital media impact your branding. techzone believes that digital media is set of activity that can be performed using any mean of network of internet or mobile. any screen beyond youre television screen is part od digital media, be it your laptop, desktop, Out of home media screen, smartphone screen or screen of integrated devices. these screen is part of digital media and almost 70% of educated perople must get attracted and attach with these digital media in some way or other.

you can use email , social media communication, search engine for search new items, online news, information, mobile game or computer game and doing entertainmet stuff over internet or mobile. these are the opportunity that create digital media.

so Digital marketing is one of the must in your todays media mix, as more and more people coming online and influence and decision making happen online over social media platrform, personal blog, search engine smart engine, or anywhere over internet or mobile.

So if your brand miss the bus of digital marketing , chances that you are loosing your brand value in coming years to your competitors who activaly use digital media as tool to grow there overall branding.

so to keep pace with new world and move fast to capture innovative and solution driven digital marketing for your brands. Digital marketing can benefits you in several way, it can only 100% audited media channel. to talk further about the digital marketing strategy you can reach us at

Some of the selected digital marketing service you can get started with :

PPC Marketing

We manage PPC Ad services on client behalf with more competitive keyword analysis and high return over your budget. PPC is a performacne based media so when ever your ad will get clicked you will be paying to ad server network. this way you can generate lead for your business, high traffic to your website and direct sales opportunity for any products and services you are selling.
We provide PPC management services on fee basis and contractual basis also.

Small business can get benefit of our experties and management of budget for there PPC services, while large business get our extensive research and high reach with available budget.

Key benefits of PPC ad services

  • Direct branding
  • online registration
  • Improve online sales
  • highest footfall over retail store
  • high traffic over website or microsite
  • lead generation at affordable prices
  • improvement on organic searh results

Lead Generation

Lead generation and lead management is one of the new type of digital media services, you can get Cost per lead plan from us to get rid with digital markeitng and benefits your brands while direct selling.

Cost per action program is useful for brands or companies who provide higher return on commission or per sales.

Our network : We have vertical channel of CPA with more than 300+ website in indian makret with gross monthly unique vistitor of 30 Million +.

We are expanding our network and brands preferences also, helping the company to grow to next level.
some of the selected vertical with successful CPA Campaign

  • Insurance companies
  • Banking services
  • Retain networks
  • Portal and online subscribtion services
  • home loan
  • car loan
  • test drive of cars
  • Travel and holiday services


Display ad services

Display ad services is also one kinds of performance based ad services with quality and interactive creative for branding. this will lead to high value branding and also give more impression and mindshare of consumer. display ad management service of techzone is a comprehensive services that include the media planning, media buying, creative services, analytics and analysis of performance and apprisal of services.

just a call away your display ad service waiting for : 9810023357

Email Marketing and Newsletter marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the best tool and service to start your journey of successful digital marketing strategy, you can gain value and branding for the email marketing and also able to generate more qualified and validated email databasae for the prospects. this way you can generate huge marketing campgain against those data. you can do so many things with email,

so just call us and discuss about the opprortunity of email markeitng with techzone

call 9810023357 ,

Social Media Management and Marketing(SMM) and Branding Services

Social Media Management and Marketing(SMM) is not considered as platform for large brands way back in 2007-08, but facebook and twitter change the mindset and preception of digital world.
Today media mix need dose of social media connectivity to be successful.

social media become voice of millions and billions of dollars of ad and allied services keep coming.

as per one estimate indian display ad business is just equal to 2 week of facebook ad service collection.

Techzone help you bring best of social media for your brands by providing custom app development, cusom page creation, creative services for social media paltform, and retainership based social media communication channel managements.

Corporate Blog

Corporate blog is not popular in some business, as it need attention on regular interval and if not managed precisely it will become one of the channel of wrong information.

we understand the value of corproate blog and how it will benefits your business.

you can generate positive PR for your brands using corporate blog, get lead for your business, high traffic for website and micorsite.

and so many surrogated benefits that improve your overall branding and bottom line.

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